SMSL M6 HIFI Audio Decoder 32Bit/384KHz USB asynchronous DAC Multifunction amp

SMSL M6 HIFI Audio Decoder 32Bit/384KHz USB asynchronous DAC Multifunction amp

SMSL M6 HIFI Audio Decoder 32Bit/384KHz USB asynchronous DAC Multifunction amp
Supports up to 32bit 384KHZ a high cost decoder for decoding amp machine - M6. M6 has excellent hardware performance, innovative and flexible joystick operation, intuitive interface and display sleek look and a wealth of input and output interfaces. Wherein the digital input comprises a USB, fiber optic and coaxial. Outputs include RCA analog outputs and headphone jack 6.35. USB asynchronous transfer up to 32bit / 384kHz.

It is noteworthy that, M6 left joystick, in addition to the volume control, and can also be used as input switching and switch control output mode, are highly integrated, flexible and innovative control methods. After manipulation through rocker switch input and output modes, then through the middle of the display, in the middle of a mini display, in addition to display USB, optical and coaxial inputs, headphone port switch, the middle will show the sampling rate, very intuitive. Inputs include USB, fiber optic and coaxial. All analog channels VISHAY use imported high-precision low drift resistor (imported or domestically can be seen by the appearance of shiny or thickness of the process) quality guarantee. Op amp using JRC NJM2144D.

PC HIFI mainstream USB asynchronous receiver chip. D / A chip uses AK4390EF. Superior performance D / A chip, a typical Japanese sound chip.

High frequency: M6-frequency style, the overall bias in open Yang, both in listening to speakers or headphones to listen to when you can clearly feel the M6 frequency neutral with open style, while at the same time bring sense of transparency, so that the back-end in large dynamic detail is very rich, and not feel stiff, but people feel warm stretch and coherent transition. IF aspects: M6 midrange performance, as the overall performance of the same, neutral, warm, and the overall sound IF M6 form, it is very plump and stretch, with different headphones, you can easily feel the M6 in vocal performance M The details of the expressive and explosive. This detail expressive, explosive, listening to the piano solo, or the human voice, that they will have a good performance, so the sound is rich in layers and knot like.

Low frequency: M6 voice texture, resolution are first-rate, especially in combination speaker system. Overall has a very good control, dynamic and transient performance, especially when listening to headphones, has a very good elasticity. Performance headphone output: Although M6 is the most powerful part of the decoding performance, but the same is not part of the headphone output weaknesses in with HD600, HD650, SHP9000 headphones when other large, high frequency detail and texture of the sound is very advantageous, but also has a very broad sense of hearing, regardless of the high resistance of the HD600, HD650 and low.

USB Input: 16bit-32bit / 32kHz-384kHz (asynchronous). Optical fiber, coaxial: 16bit-24bit / 32kHz-192kHz. THD + N: <0.003%.

Machine gross amount: 0.8kg (including packaging). Machine size: 114mm X 139mm X 34mm (LWH, including protruding parts size). Please list your special requests color, packages, etc.

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SMSL M6 HIFI Audio Decoder 32Bit/384KHz USB asynchronous DAC Multifunction amp

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